La domus di via Goito a Roma

di Oberdan Menghi e Manola Pales


During the laying of a long distance power line (ACEA 150kV “Forte Antenne-Quirinale”) structures came to light between numbers 24 and 28 on via Goito. The walls in opus mixtum (reticulate with brick courses), found at a depth of 0.37 m below street level, were probably part of a domus that was razed to the ground during the laying of via Goito as part of the project Roma Capitale (1873-1883). The walls, three Roman feet wide, are conserved to a height of only 0.40 m above the floor level, which is marked by a string-course of bipedales.
The excavation revealed the existence of three rooms, although it was only possible to document the dimensions of room III. This was c. 18 Roman feet long and 10 Roman feet wide and probably had an entrance on its eastern side. Two trenches were dug in this room but no trace of the floor remained, however, the foundations in opus caementicium, built in a trench reinforced with formwork were uncovered.
In room II the investigation did not proceed beyond a collapse of red painted plaster that was found in situ. It was not removed due to a need to conclude operations as quickly as possible. In room I the presence of a layer of modern plaster attests occupation until the 19th century (Villa Alberini ?).
The structure’s overall orientation seems to be coordinated with the road axis to the south south-west. This road was probably the one which skirted the earthworks of the agger (rampart) outside the city walls, providing a link between the via Nomentana and the via Tiburtina.
Via Goito, corner with via Montebello 63. A wall in opus mixtum of brick and tufelli (3 Roman feet wide) was found at 1.70 m below street level. This can easily be attributed to the domus described above due to its alignment, typology, construction technique and quality of the curtain wall.
Via Goito 16/18. The remains were uncovered of a cement foundation in an open trench (2 Roman feet deep) which probably belongs to the domus as its alignment is consistent with the latter’s (Oberdan Menghi, Manola Pales).

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